‘Alternative Asian Art Networks – How Do They Survive?’
Nozomu Ogawa
Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 6:30pm

Pacific Crossings welcomes Nozomu Ogawa, Founder/Director of Art Center Ongoing (Tokyo, Japan) for a research visit and set of public talks to connect with BC’s art communities.

Nozomu Ogawa will share his recent experience of a three month research trip he undertook to eighty three art spaces throughout Southeast Asia. Throughout this trip, Ogawa was inspired by the concept and practice of “collective” ways of working among artists. Notably, the sharing of resources and networking, as pragmatic strategies within a complex socio-political context with no public funding for the arts. Inspired by this research, Ogawa founded the Ongoing Collective with his colleagues consisting of artists, curators and musicians who were seeking new economies and strategies for alternative cultural production. The results of his trip can be seen on the web site.

Nozomu will also be speaking at the Richmond Art Gallery on Saturday, January 12, at 2pm. A talk entitled Alternative Tokyo Art Scene – What’s going on? Nozomu will discuss Art Center Ongoing, an independently run art space and cafe he founded, without public funding, eleven years ago in Kichijyoji, Tokyo.

Pacific Crossings would like to thank the BC Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture via the International Presence Fund for making this program possible.

Artspeak is a non-profit artist run centre established in 1986. The mandate of the gallery is to encourage a dialogue between visual art and writing.

Artspeak actively contributes to cultural communities through our commitment to artists producing challenging, innovative work in diverse media, our affiliation with like-minded organizations, and the public interest we generate in contemporary art.

Tuesday–Saturday, 12–5pm