A multi-disciplinary artist, scholar, educator, a great-grandma 4-times over, and a sovereign Haudenosaunee woman. Aiyyana was actively involved in the merging of Ogwehoweh art and culture into a Euro-centric world and consciousness. She sought that same inclusion for herself and other gender-variant folks by offering an alternate framework to a prevalent Euro-centric view of gender. Aiyyana was both a maker and keeper of culture. Describing herself in her article A Journey in Gender as a “transformed woman who loves women,” Aiyyana’s work steered people towards a decolonized understanding of gender and sexuality. Through her work she argued that in most traditional Indigenous cultures gender identifications fall outside the strict confines of the gender binary and are recognized as both socially and spiritually integral to the culture. She passed away on April 24, 2016, surrounded by her loving family and friends.