Peter Gazendam


  • Placeholder

    January 22–March 26, 2011

    Placeholder, Robert Arndt

    <em>Placeholder</em>, Robert Arndt

    <em>Placeholder</em>, Robert Arndt

    <em>Placeholder</em>, Robert Arndt

    Robert Arndt’s most recent video work, Placeholder, uses a commercial documentation shoot for a series of homogenous blocks as the setting for an absurdist theatre of critical dialogue. Through this familiar backdrop of well-considered object presentation, the scene becomes a site of dubious discourse, akin to an aesthetic sample group. Actors adopt the roles of off-camera producers and directors, engaging in disagreeable narration and directing the objects’ placement while negotiating aesthetic judgments, language, and the structures of authority through the practicalities of collaborative documentation. Moving beyond the presentation of video as theatre model, Arndt’s video installation implicates the screen, gallery, and viewer in this discourse through it’s unconventional presentation.

    This exhibition is curated by Peter Gazendam, Artspeak Programme Coordinator.

    Postscript 41: Lisa Coulthard on Placeholder (PDF)