• Kim Nguyen

    Director/Curator of Artspeak 2011–2016.

  • Jeanne Randolph

    Jeanne Randolph is one of Canada’s foremost cultural theorists. She is the author of the influential book Psychoanalysis & Synchronized Swimming (1991) as well as Symbolization and Its Discontents (1997), Why Stoics Box, (2003), and Ethics of Luxury (2007). Dr. Randolph is also known as an engaging lecturer and performance artist. In universities and galleries across Canada, England, Australia, and Spain she has spoken on topics ranging from the aesthetics of Barbie dolls to the philosophy of Wittgenstein.


  • Out of Psychoanalysis: Ficto-Criticism 2005 to 2015




    Title: Out of Psychoanalysis: Ficto-Criticism 2005 to 2015
    Category: Criticism
    Writer: Jeanne Randolph
    Editors: Kim Nguyen
    Design: Hodgkinson Design
    Publisher: Artspeak
    Printer: East Van Printing
    Year published: 2015
    Edition: 200
    Pages: 160pp
    Cover: Paper
    Binding: Perfect Bound
    Process: Digital
    Dimensions: 18 x 11 x 1 cm
    Weight: 174 g
    ISBN: 978-0-921394-70-9
    Cost: $9

    Out of Psychoanalysis is an updated and expanded collection of essays and ficto-criticism from Winnipeg-based cultural critic Jeanne Randolph. Composed between 2005-2015, the texts include psychoanalytic responses to contemporary art exhibitions, a collection of vignettes, lamentations on capitalism, and a contrived history of Canadian ficto-criticism. The books address a diverse range of subjects including the Cucumber Mosaic virus, Bob Dylan, Sigmund Freud, insects at the bottom of a river in Winnipeg, and the colour blue.