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Tree Walk

June 29, 2019

In conjunction with Laiwan’s exhibition “Maple Tree Spiral: pedagogy of a tree in the city”, horticulturist and tree-whisperer Egan Davis will lead a tree walk this Saturday, June 29th at 2PM.

Participants will meet at Artspeak for this 1-hour walk, venturing along the streets of Gastown, Strathcona and Chinatown. Egan will be speaking to plant diversity, resilience and adaptation, street tree selection and the nursery industry, Vancouver’s urban ecology and interconnectedness.

EGAN DAVIS is a leader in the professional horticulture industry. He is a qualified Red Seal Horticulturist from Vancouver, BC. Currently, Egan is the principal instructor for the Horticulture Training Program at the University of British Columbia. With past experiences at VanDusen Botanical Garden, Park & Tilford Gardens and the Mendel Floral conservatory in Saskatoon, Egan has a unique background focused on public and botanical gardens. For his entire career, Egan has also run a residential garden consultation, design and build company.  As a board member of HortEdBC, Egan has contributed to the industry and has a keen interest in promoting Red Seal certification in BC.

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