Altered Terrain

September 9–October 7, 1995

Recently completed paintings by Montreal artist Jennifer Walton have examined institutions of male dominance, using “as metaphor the quintessentially male activity of sport hunting” to address issues of the patriachal history in painting and image making in general.

Inherent to the work is the allusion to the male gaze. White North American males decked in full hunting regalia, are portrayed gazing at maps or through binoculars—searching for something. Walton uses these images to flip the historical tradition of men objectifying women through the painted image.

The paintings displayed at Artspeak titled “Altered Terrain” inject another layer of disruption to the male gaze. Walton, clad in blue jeans and t-shirt, challenges the agency of the gaze by portraying herself simultaneously as subject and object—thereby questioning the authority of constructed power systems.