• Lorna Brown

    Lorna Brown is a Vancouver artist, curator and educator. Since 1984 her work has been shown in exhibitions at Dazibao, Montreal; Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver; Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver; Gallery 44, Toronto; Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa; Taipei Fine Arts Museum; and Artspeak, Vancouver, among others. Her recent independent curatorial projects include Set and Group Search: art in the library. Director/Curator of Artspeak 1999–2004.

  • Susan Edelstein

    Director/Curator of Artspeak

  • Jacqueline Larson

  • Carol Sawyer


  • Amazon

    May 2–June 6, 1998

    This playful multi-media installation, reflects Carol Sawyer’s continuing investigation of female characters found in literature, popular culture and opera. Amazon is a photographic installation inspired by the evil femme fatales of 60’s and 70’s mythic fantasy movies. In Sawyer’s exhibition the Amazon serves as a humourous and critical model of bitchy autonomy and self-assertion; it is an identity or fiction that enables women to transcend expected roles of femininity. With its overlapping texts of gender, sexuality and power, the Amazon pushes beyond the limits of mortal and terrestrial boundaries.

Talks & Events

  • Performance and Publication launch

    June 6, 1998

    Performance by Carol Sawyer, and the launching event of her publication “Amazonia”: both accompanying her exhibition “Amazon” at Artspeak Gallery.



Title: Amazonia
Category: Artist Book
Artist: Carol Sawyer
Writers: Lorna Brown, Susan Edelstein, Carol Sawyer
Editor: Jacqueline Larson
Design: Roberta Batchelor
Publisher: Artspeak
Printer: S&T Stereo Printing, Chromatech Group
Year published: 1998
Pages: 28pp
Cover: Paper
Binding: Staple Bound
Process: Offset
Features: 8 colour images
Dimensions: 23 x 18 x 0.2 cm
Weight: 77 g
ISBN: 0-921394-28-4
Price: $6 CDN

The collaborative writing efforts of Lorna Brown, Susan Edelstein, and Carol Sawyer critically and humorously investigate femme fatale characters in popular culture.

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