Barbara Cole


  • Bolster

    September 6–October 5, 1996

    Artspeak Gallery is pleased to announce our fall exhibition series commencing September 6th, 1996, exhibiting work that will continue to critique the use of new technologies in convergence with contemporary art practice.

    Our first exhibit, entitled ‘Bolster’, is a mixed media installation by Vancouver artist Barbara Cole. The actual web site piece is currently under construction and will be up on our site as of September 6th in time for the opening. The Bolster web component will remain on the Artspeak web site for several months after the exhibit has ended.

    Barbara Cole investigates desire through an erotics of engagement. Through explorations of the fetish, conventional objects and materials provide the means of bolstering sexual desire, personal confidence and physical presence. Cole’s inquiry into the impact of intimacy has led to this current body of work which explores the space between personal experience and the construction of sexualized identity. With seemingly innocuous materials like rubber latex, plumbing chain and surgical hose Cole pushes the viewer’s response in a subtle manner that encourages the viewer to examine sexual fantasy. Manipulating the constructed response to various objects and mediums a natural shift occurs in our public and private perception of the installation. Stirring up memories with associative meanings Cole allows the impact of intimacy to resonate with our experience.