Talks & Events

Book Launch/Reading

September 23, 2005

Artspeak is pleased to host the book launch and reading event of Donato Mancini’s first full length book of poetry “Ligatures”. This event is in collaboration with the Kootenay School of Writing and New Star.

“Ligatures is a splendid read, a wake-up call to both the eyes and the brain. Conceptually urbane, yet with all the mischief of a Situationist hornbook, it launches an energetic and dazzling varied sortie into the labyrinth of letters. Mancini exposes the alphabet as both a critical lure to the organizing intellect and as a strange attractor to the imaginary. Because of this double vector he has pulled off an exemplary text that brings the reader a tangible instance of James Joyce’s proposal in Finnegan’s Wake that ‘the proteiform graph is itself already a polyhedron of scripture.'” — Steve McCaffery

“For some, language is the plate upon which words are served. For others it is the meat, bread and vegetables. How exciting to look through a book like Ligatures, to see how meals are made. From language, no less. In a post-poetry world, Mancini’s a master chef.” — Michael Turner