Chandra Melting Tallow

Chandra Melting Tallow is an interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker, writer and music producer of mixed ancestry from the Siksika Nation. Their practice confronts the ghosts of intergenerational trauma and their relationship to the body through the lens of physical disability, utilizing humour and surrealism to subvert oppressive structures of power. Their practice encompasses experimental film, textile based installation, sound, and performance. They spearhead the solo music project Mourning Coup, a cult classic in the Indigenous lexicon of underground music. They have exhibited across North America. They are the author of Dear Horse Boy I Am Writing To You From Prison, a collection of short stories published by Haunted House Books.


  • Covers

    Title: Covers
    Category: Anthology
    Writers: Whess Harman, S F Ho, Chandra Melting Tallow, Reed H. Reed, James Albers and Tiziana La Melia
    Editor: Kiel Torres
    Design: Stephan Garneau
    Publisher: Artspeak
    Printed by: TBD
    Year Published: November 2021 (forthcoming)
    Pages: TBD
    Cover: soft
    Binding: TBD
    Weight: TBD
    Dimensions: 15.2 x 22.9 cm
    Edition of: TBD
    ISBN: 978-1-927630-14-3
    Cost: $20

    If a cover song re-interprets, rearranges, cites, edits, and pays homage to an original work performed by another artist, how can this form be applied to writing? In Covers, S F Ho, Chandra Melting Tallow, Whess Harman, Reed H Reed, Tiziana la Melia and James Albers embody the cover form in text and image to trace their references, relations, and obsessions.

    Pre-orders only, to be distributed in late November.