chosen by god

May 28–June 26, 1993

Curated by France Boucher

“Joel’s Queer identity shapes everything that he thinks. His questioning of institutions and even friends never stops. Nothing is left untouched by his critical eye.

He’s a boy who is now in fashion with his Queer politics and his brash and bratty voice. He never takes this popularity for granted and knows that his marginalized position is de riguer. There has never been such a ripe time for a young, proud, gay person to have their voice heard and he has taken on this project with immense responsibility. He wants you to know how this world has shaped his identity and how suspicious he is of this and any institution. There are always contradictions in Joel’s work, he’s cynical and ironic but always hopeful and romantic in his vision. He is working in uncharted terrain in a world of his own making, reviewing and observing the systems of thought that have formed us all. Joel never gives answers, he only makes you question what you have taken for granted. Irony is the key to all that Joel has to say. Nothing is literal. Nothing is as it seems.

Any questions?”