Chukwudubem Ukaigwe

Chukwudubem Ukaigwe is a Nigerian born visual artist and writer passing through Treaty 1 Territory, so-called Canada. Exercising material as an experimental device for cross-examining plural themes, his interdisciplinary practice is an inquiry into semiotic dissonance. Ukaigwe participates in the creation of immersive audiovisual scapes for fecund contemplation, bringing to center facets of everyday life to generate active conceptual trans-media interconnections pertaining to global aesthetics. His social practice is established on the foundations of splintered or shared authorship, community input, fracturing time and relativity. 

Ukaigwe holds a BFA (Hons.) from the University of Manitoba and  has presented exhibitions and effectuated artist residencies locally and intercontinentally. Ukaigwe is a founding member of the curatorial force, Patterns Collective.


  • No Neutral Language

    February 9–April 14, 2023


    A critical duet and inquiry into the complex representation of “common ground” in communicative exchanges. The dialogical exhibition asserts a shared belief in the parallels of language as a tool of instruction, and the predisposition of constructing/deconstructing  emergent collectives. In what ways does language confront its own historical and cultural image- assessing interpretations, rhetoric, metaphors, orientation, and power? How does the ideologies of vernacular influence/return our conceptions of placemaking and self-situ. Kosisochukwu Nnebe and Chukwudubem Ukaigwe explore the modalities of cultural translation—language as a “tender” for belonging, understanding and relationality. In conversation, their works Is language a flag? / what is a flag on stolen land? and Elegy of the Wind reveal the “interspaces” of language;

    1. An imposition
    2. A transformation of colonial legacy
    3. A monument to solidarity
    4. An extension of shared humanity
    5. A witness to the ways we see and experience the world


    Exhibition Images: Dennis Ha

Talks & Events

  • No Neutral Language Artist Talk and Opening

    Kosisochukwu Nnebe, Chukwudubem Ukaigwe
    February 9, 2023

    6:30pm Artist Talk
    7:30pm Opening


    Please join us for an artist talk with Kosisochukwu Nnebe and Chukwudubem Ukaigwe as they discuss their work in No Neutral Language. 

    Opening to follow artist talk.