Deanne Achong


  • Lime Made

    October 13–November 10, 1995

    I am interested in boundaries-those between fact and fiction, the visible and the invisible, the past and the present. Using the lime as a kind of adopted icon or symbol is part of a look at ritual processes, viewing and “cultural identity”.

    In part the photographs are about the structure of sight—the structure of memory. Inside these images are other photographs—the fact that some of the images are family archives and some are not, underlines the generic function and nostalgic trigger inherent to these types of images.

    The more taxonomic approach I have taken in the treatment of limes as organic things places into view a certain type of morality. I think the index of a photograph has a lifespan, as does the organic life of an icon. How these forms of life, and how the scope of how narrative unfolds seems to me a process which varies depending on your point of view, rhythmical and linguistic sensibility and place of birth.

    —Deanne Achong, October 1995

Talks & Events

  • Artist Talk

    October 24, 1995

    In conjunction with Achong’s “Lime Made” show at Artspeak Gallery.