• Fiona Banner

  • Stan Douglas

    Stan Douglas is a visual artist who lives and works in Vancouver. His media works have been exhibited nationally and internationally in venues such as Documenta IX.

  • Judy Radul

    Judy Radul’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including solo exhibitions at Belkin Satellite, Vancouver; Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver; and Power Plant, Toronto. She has performed widely, including at the Western Front, Vancouver and Institute of Contemporary Art, London UK.

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IDEA 2000

January 1, 2000

Artspeak Gallery is pleased to present you with the opportunity to acquire the ideas of leading conceptual artists. In the crowded field of cultural products, a good idea is invaluable.

Wanna buy an Idea? Original thinkers are thin on the ground here, we figure. Why? Because it’s easy to just get by our comfy, none-too-challenging climes. But Artspeak, an artist-run space on Carrall Street, has come up with a solution to our problem. IDEA, the gallery’s latest fundraising initiative, offers punters “new, unexecuted ideas, in limited editions, by Fiona Banner, Judy Radul and Stan Douglas.” Your purchase ($55 per idea; collect all three for $165) gets you a gallery membership, plus a laser-printed certificate of the idea, perfect for flaunting at cocktail do’s. Another clever fundraising strategy: %500 buys a limited edition print of Ken Lum’s banned-in-Vienna billboard. Two Freedom Party-affiliated officials nixed the immigration-themed project, because it apparently “takes public discussion in the wrong direction.” — Amanda Payne