• Michael Barnholden

    Vancouver writer Michael Barnholden is the author of Gabriel Dumont Speaks (Talon Books 1993), On The Ropes (Coach House Books 1997) and Reading the Riot Act: A Brief History of Riots in Vancouver (Anvil Press 2005). He is currently the managing editor of West Coast Line.

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If you don’t riot, you can’t complain

June 24, 2006

Michael Barnholden

June 24 and July 22

This walk will include sites of the anti-Asiatic Riot of 1907 from Hastings and

Westminster (now Main) through Chinatown’s Market, Shanghai and Canton

Alleys, then through Nihon Bachi or “Little Yokohama” along Powell Street; the Free Speech riots of 1912 when police attacked Wobblies (Industrial Workers of the World) in the Powell Street grounds; and Maple Tree Square, site of the infamous 1971 Police Riot also known as the Gastown Riot.

Meet at Artspeak at 2pm.