JJ Lee


  • dissection

    JJ LEE
    October 24–December 6, 1997

    The work represented in dissection, continues to address Chinese-Canadian identity through aspects of Western painting traditions. Lee’s new work considers the physical presence of the Asian body, dissected, analyzed and categorized in terms of both gender and race.

    Lee’s interest is to explore aspects of fragmentation found in popular culture and language, in order to destabilize the construction of identity and the self. With references to both Western and Asian medical practices, her paintings are layered with representations that include x-rays, organ diagrams and accupuncture charts. Integral to the new work represented in dissection, is JJ Lee’s desire to understand her relationship to Chinese culture and ideas of “authenticity” by questioning the desire to know the self and the desire to form a possible whole.

Talks & Events

  • Artist Talk

    JJ LEE
    October 30, 1997

    Artist talk accompanying Jj Lee’s show Dissection at Artspeak.