Kwiis Hamilton

Kwiis Hamilton is Nuuchahnulth (Opechesaht) and Sto:lo (Lequamel). He practices jewelry making, painting, print making, spoken word poetry, wood carving, singing, dancing, and story telling. Through the creation of well-made objects Kwiis expresses his values and tells modern and traditional stories. His work sheds light on the obsolete systems of domination and exploitation upon which the foundation of the colonial project of canada is built. He hopes to inspire critical thinking and radical expressions of healthy, educated, safe, and joy filled community, as well as a shared sense of belonging rooted in self location and a strong spiritual identity.


Talks & Events

  • Workshop with Kwiis Hamilton

    Kwiis Hamilton, Ake Huchimagachach Ena (I'll see you again mother) Ake Huchimagachach Ade (I'll see you again father)
    June 17, 2023

    Please join us for a workshop with Kwiis Hamilton who will share poems and writings.  Participants will take part in a creative writing prompt / reflection time activity.

    Lights refreshments will be provided.

    June 17, 2023
    1-2 hours total workshop time

    Registration is required for the workshop. Please email