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Load Na Dito

June 5, 2019

Either a Storm or a Drought: Video works from the Philippines

Either a Storm or a Drought is a one-night video screening and installation, featuring video works by eleven artists from the Philippines. It is curated by the mobile artistic and research based initiative, Load Na Dito.

Referring to ideas that are commonly associated with the Filipino weather, Either a Storm or a Drought explores the ever-changing, unforeseeable and idle state of the life in the Philippines. The works introduced here playfully portray transient and unsettling situations that draw visible and invisible borders between personal, social and political territories.

Annie PacaƱa + Baile, KALEIDOSCAPE V.4, 2019, 3:22
Christian Tablazon, If a tree falls in a forest, 2019, 5:47
CMYKA, runExecuteCommand.mp4, 2017, 0:30
Cocoy Lumbao, Negative Cutter, 2017, 5:36
Gerome Soriano, Chocnut Structures, 2018, 6:16
Kanade Yagi, Metabolism of the Wall, 2018, 9:57
Manny Montelibano, Home Sale, 2018, 8:03
Neo Maestro, Banuyo, 2017, 6:31
Rico Entico, Precedence of life according to Mr. Ped Xing, 2017, 6:52
Shireen Seno, Seeing Machines, 2006, 5:00
Tanya and Luna Villanueva, Work Performing, 2019, 4:00

These presentations by Load Na Dito co-founders, researcher-curator Mayumi Hirano and artist-organizer Mark Salvatus, will offer context of their practice working in the Philippines and within their wider communities of the south-east Asian region.

Support for Load Na Dito to visit and conduct research is made possible through the Province of British Columbia through the BC Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture via the International Presence Fund.

PACIFIC CROSSINGS is a conversation and public presentation series that draws participants from across the ocean. This collaborative project works to bring together perspectives in an evolving and dynamic exchange, instigating events and activities that can increase public awareness of the multitude of traditions, histories, and practices, offering potential routes for intersection to take place.

PACIFIC CROSSINGS is conceived of by Makiko Hara, Bopha Chhay (Artspeak), Allison Collins (Western Front), and Shaun Dacey (Richmond Art Gallery).