Talks & Events

Load Na Dito

May 22, 2019

Load Na Dito is an artistic and research project based in Manila, Philippines. Currently located in Cubao, Quezon City, it has been developed as a homemade culture, through its use of any possible space as a site for knowledge sharing, inquiry and discussion. The name “load na dito” is borrowed from a popular top up system for cellphone credit in the Philippines, where you can load up credits anywhere you see the sign “load na dito.” This project is a model that allows its founders to develop projects in different locations—building new energies to have and maintain “load”.

Presentations by Load Na Dito
Wednesday May 22 @ Western Front, 7pm

Screening of Filipino video work
Wednesday June 5 @ Artspeak, 7pm

Conversation about the Load Na Dito community
Saturday June 8 @ Richmond Art Gallery, 3pm

These presentations by Load Na Dito co-founders, researcher-curator Mayumi Hirano and artist-organizer Mark Salvatus, will offer context of their practice working in the Philippines and within their wider communities of the south-east Asian region.