Moniker Press

Moniker Press is a risograph print and publishing studio that works collaboratively with artists and writers to produce small editions of books, zines and print ephemera.


  • – May Day – Mayday – Maydaze –

    Artist: aly de la cruz yip, Ho Tam, Tania Willard
    Category: Poster
    Publisher: Artspeak, Moniker Press
    Printer: Erica Wilk, Moniker Press
    Year published: 2021
    Edition: 100
    Process: Risograph printed on 65# Natural Cover with medium blue, kelly green, yellow, bright red, green, purple, fluoro orange and pink rice bran inks
    Dimensions: 279 x 431 mm
    Weight: 4.5g each
    Cost: $15 each; $40 for set of three
    Proceeds to support DTES Response Fund






    Quantity – Destination – Cost (Shipping Included)

    Ho Tam

    ‘The Greatest Stories Ever Told’ is a collection of stories written in the style of poetry, a fable, or a nursery rhyme. The stories range from melodrama to political satire, and are inspired by collages made up of images found on  international banknotes. This print designed for Spring Print is a selection of the images from these stories.

    The images found on banknotes often depict important historical figures, symbols, landscape, architecture, fauna and flora as relating to the pride and legacy of the respective countries. By extracting these images I am interested in disrupting their original context. Placing them in the same space side by side, allows us to remove the material boundaries of the banknotes, and to examine the wider power structures around us, and to reconsider and question the ideological narratives of the Nation States. 

    HOTAM PRESS is a vanity press established by the artist Ho Tam. His self-important projects include three book series: THE GREATEST STORIES EVER TOLD, POSER and HOTAM. Recently, Hotam Press has ambitiously opened its physical bookshop/gallery space in Vancouver, Canada where print-based and original artwork by artists are exhibited regularly. Other collaborative projects by Hotam Press with other artists include XXXZINES and 88BOOKS.


    aly dela cruz yip 

    a moiré pattern to make bad energy and spirits dizzy, 

    maybe not the time

    when hybridity doesn’t feel harmonious 

    it’s time to go

    image description: unlit abstracted joss papers (no gold) cascade and circle through the air, five cartoonish bats soar towards an unknown common centre, a few from behind and in-between ginkgo leaves in the two bottom corners. there are a few chrysanthemum buds floating amongst the leaves, all before a backdrop of a chaotic grid referencing ilokano inabel.


    Tania Willard 

    ‘Memorandum of understanding’ extends some of the thinking around land and value from a previous series of work, Snowbanks and other Investments (2020). This work considers bureaucratic processes and language in generative ways that pair legalese with representations of land.