Olivia Mossuto

Olivia Mossuto is an emerging artist, curator, and writer based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She completed her undergraduate degree at Western University in London, Ontario and her MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, UK inb 2020. Her practice combines painting, sculpture, installation and experimentation as a way to conceptualize/rationalize affective qualities embedded within memories, images, and objects. Her approach frequently coalesces around topics of kitsch, craft, grief, and nature. Olivia is also the Coordinating Editor and DIY-archivist for the artist-run, not-for-profit, Embassy Cultural House in London, Ontario, Canada.


  • Seeds as Data (what we lose when the universal becomes proprietary)

    Title: Seeds as Data (what we lose when the universal becomes proprietary)
    Series Title: Beacon – a series in ten issues
    Category: Criticism
    Artist: Christina Battle
    Paintings: Olivia Mossuto
    Series Editor: Bopha Chhay
    Design: Vicky Lum
    Copyeditor: Gina Badger
    Proofreader: Alexandra Bischoff
    Publisher: Artspeak
    Printed by: Metropolitan Fine Printers
    Year Published: 2021
    Pages: 20
    Cover: soft
    Binding: staples
    Dimensions: 15.2 x 22.9 cm
    Edition of 300
    ISBN: 978-1-927630-15-0
    Cost: $12
    Subscription: $100

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    ‘BEACON – a pamphlet series in ten issues’ focuses on how the commitment of artists’ to wider social movements informs contemporary artistic practice. The series will feature texts by artists whose practices engage with language and visual arts.

    Current issues:
    01 – Ruth Buchanan
    02 – Hong-Kai Wang
    03 – Christina Battle
    04 – Justine A. Chambers
    05 – Jared Stanley and
    Sameer Farooq

    06 – Gelare Khoshgozaran
    07 – Lana Lopsei
    08 – Be Oakley
    09 – Bopha Chhay
    10 – Nasrin Himada