Patricia Kohl

Patricia Kohl is a Berlin-based curator and gallerist. After studying fine art and training as a curator in London, she was gallery director at Stephen Friedman Gallery, London for seven years. She moved to Berlin three years ago where she has been working at neugerriemschneider. She is currently developing plans to open her own gallery to reflect a younger generation of artists.

Talks & Events

  • Berlin – an artists’ city

    July 11, 2007

    Talk by Patricia Kohl, Berlin-based curator and gallerist

    Artspeak, Wednesday, July 11, 8pm

    Patricia Kohl will discuss the multifaceted aspects of Berlin’s art spaces, including commercial galleries, residencies, alternative models and museums. Focusing on spaces that have developed out of circumstances particular to the city, she will approach why Berlin is uniquely attractive to artists and why so many foreign artists have chosen to work there. Kohl will focus her talk on the commercial gallery as the dominant model in a city that is largely devoid of public funding for contemporary visual art, and will draw parallels between their programs and artist-run/non-commercial initiatives.