Paul Perchal


  • Virtually Queer

    March 22–April 20, 1996

    Artspeak Gallery is pleased to announce the commencement of our spring 1996 exhibition series that will critique the use of new technologies in convergence with contemporary art practice.

    Our first exhibit, entitled Virtually Queer, is an computer interactive/ photographic installation by Vancouver artist Paul Perchal.

    Perchal posits the viewer into a virtual place by challenging our use of language and our socially constructed understanding of images / gendered objects and sound. By presenting a re-evaluation of the way we express our thoughts and experiences we are able to go beyond conventional meaning.

    In challenging our perception of words like Queer and Virtual the artist has created a provocative type of post-humanity, one which Foucault refers to as the “reverse discourse”. In attempting to present a wider range of possibilities the artist is no longer just speaking out on his behalf, as a gay, white, middle class, male. By offering this challenge to the viewer the”reverse discourse” disrupts the terms we have come to understand in our definition of the self. Virtually Queer presents a necessary space for new articulations not only in technology but in how we experience everyday life.

    Our special thanks to Axel Mulder, developer of the iCube System used in this exhibit. This event is also in conjunction with the electronic festival being held at the Western Front.

Talks & Events

  • Artist Talk

    April 10, 1996

    In conjunction to Perchal’s show “Virtually Queer” at Artspeak Gallery.