• Lance Blomgren

    Lance Blomgren is the author of Practice (1995), Walkups (2000) and Corner Pieces (2005). He is member of the Orange/Brown arts collective and currently acts as Co-Director/Curator of the Helen Pitt Gallery in Vancouver.

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June 17, 2005

Artspeak is pleased to present Lance Blomgren as he reads from his 2005 project Corner PiecesCorner Pieces is Lance Blomgren’s follow up to Walkups, his docudrama about Montréal apartments. Evolving out of Blomgren’s ongoing fascination with architecture, Corner Pieces expands his distinctive voice beyond the domestic sphere and into the streets.

Composed as a series of elegies to particular places, both real and imaginary, Corner Pieces traces a cartography of desire, frustration, loss and redemption, set amidst the backdrop of the contemporary urban spectacle. In Blomgren’s city, the familiar becomes decidedly strange. Street corners, indistinct industrial zones, central business districts and public squares become sites where the ideals and failures of urban planning collide with direct, personal experience. Here, lovers make out in discreet, unused corners; protesters march the streets in a bewildered state of empowerment and sadness; a two-storey stack of towels becomes a public sculpture of religious contemplation. The street signs have been changed and the poignant moments that give rhythm to everyday life come into focus.