• Lisa Robertson

    Lisa Robertson is a poet currently based in France. Recent books include Occasional Work and Seven Walks From The Office For Soft Architecture: Essays, Toronto (Coach House Books, 2006), The Men, Toronto (Bookthug, 2006); Occasional Works and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture, Astoria (Clearcut Press, 2003); Doubt, Vancouver (Artspeak, 2002); The Weather, Vancouver (New Star Books, 2001); Soft Architecture: A Manifesto, Vancouver and Montreal (Artspeak and Dazibao). She teaches at the California College of the Arts.

Talks & Events

Speakeasy: Writing and Contemporary Art

March 24, 2010

How does writing, as a practice, inform contemporary art and vice versa? Speakeasy, a semi-annual series of talks and presentations, will interrogate Artspeak’s mandate to encourage dialogue between visual art and writing. From text based art, visual poetry, and parallel texts to activities of publication and research, how do writing practices and concerns intersect with contemporary art practices? This multipart series will take place at Artspeak from January to April 2010.

Wednesday, March 24, 8pm
LISA ROBERTSON: About Beginning: A Catalogue

The fourth talk in the series examines the many ways of beginning. Lisa Robertson’s newest book of poetry is R’s Boat (University of California Press, 2010). Associated for many years with Artspeak and Kootenay School of Writing, in Fall 2010 she will be returning to Vancouver as writer–in–residence at Simon Fraser University. She currently teaches at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.