• Lisa Marshall

    Lisa Marshall lives and works in Vancouver. She holds a Master’s degree in Art History from the University of British Columbia. Her writing has been published in Fillip and Canadian Art.

  • Kim Nguyen

    A curator and writer based in San Francisco, where she is Curator and Head of Programs at the CCA Wattis Institute. Nguyen was formerly Director/Curator of Artspeak from 2011-2016. Her writing has appeared in exhibition catalogues and periodicals nationally and internationally, with recent texts in catalogues published by Pied-à-Terre (San Francisco), Gluck 50/Mousse (Milan), and the Herning Museum of Art (Denmark). Nguyen is the recipient of the 2015 Hnatyshyn Foundation Award for Emerging Curators in Contemporary Canadian Art and the 2016 Joan Lowndes Award from the Canada Council for the Arts for excellence in critical and curatorial writing.

Talks & Events

  • Writer-in-Residence

    April 1–October 31, 2012

    Artspeak is pleased to inaugurate a new writing residency program beginning with Vancouver writer Lisa Marshall. The residency is both an opportunity to foster local writing practices and a chance to reflect on Artspeak’s activities. Encouraging unique strategies on writing, the program assists Artspeak in our efforts to create meaningful opportunities for discussion, research, and collaboration. Marshall will be in residence for a seven-month term from April-October 2012, building upon her skills in critical art writing, editing, and publishing while furthering her growth in contemporary writing practice.

    Project Description: Textuality

    One of Michael Fried’s main concerns about Minimal art in 1967 was that it “can be formulated in words.” Shortly after, Seth Siegelaub pointed to a condition that was already in play: we most often encounter art through textual representation as description or as idea. Conceptual practices turned to language as a primary form, thus rendering the object in the gallery secondary. In response to this pivotal point, Textuality is a research and writing project investigating the longstanding relationship between art and text with its roots in the textual turn of the late 1960s. Questions related to these conditions will be considered with a particular focus on Vancouver. What have been the repressed conditions of art’s relationship with text? How has text been incorporated into the field of art and to what effect? What is the core area of expertise for writing about art now? These questions and others will be explored through interviews, analysis of texts, and consideration of artists’ projects.


Talk: A postscript to some recorded conversations about art and text, in and around Vancouver


Title: Talk: A postscript to some recorded conversations about art and text, in and around Vancouver
Category: Criticism
Writer: Lisa Marshall
Editors: Kim Nguyen, Sharon Kahanoff
Design: Lisa Marshall
Web Development: Lisa Marshall
Publisher: Artspeak
Year published: 2015
Cost: Free