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here you should read (that something is awry)

Negotiating the theatricality of installation art, Robin Arseneault’s first exhibition in Vancouver presents an environment that suggests an empty stage set. Working with the architecture of the gallery, objects or props are connected with pulley systems and movable mechanisms; both … Continue reading

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Leannej, is a writer, text based artist and social critic. She uses many of the same approaches to her text as visual artists. It is often the narrative process itself that is the central point or theme of her stories. … Continue reading

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Robin Arsenault

Based in Calgary, Robin Arseneault has exhibited in group exhibitions at Edmonton Art Gallery, and has presented solo shows at Neutral Ground, Regina, and Alternator in Kelowna and Struts in Sackville. A graduate of Alberta College of Art and Design, … Continue reading

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Lorna Brown

Lorna Brown is a visual artist, writer, educator and editor, exhibiting her work internationally since 1984. Brown was the Director/Curator of Artspeak Gallery from 1999 to 2004 and is a founding member of Other Sights for Artists’ Projects, a collective … Continue reading

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Long-Range Forecast: Variable

Title: Long-Range Forecast: Variable Category: Exhibition Catalogue Artist: Robin Arsenault Writers: leannej, Lorna Brown Editor: Viola Funk Design: Kathleen Ritter Publisher: Artspeak Year published: 2002 Cover: Paperback Binding: 5 panel foldout with 2 pullout posters Process: Offset Features: 5 b&w … Continue reading

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