• Elizabeth Bachinsky

    Elizabeth Bachinsky’s first full-length collection of poems is Curio: Grotesques and Satires From The Electronic Age. Her poetry has appeared in Canadian literary magazines and anthologies including Matrix, The Malahat Review, Geist, Fine Form: The Book of Canadian Form Poetry (Polestar, 2005), Whitewall of Sound: Contemporary Canadian Concrete Poetry (housepress, 2003), and Pissing Ice: An Anthology of ‘New’ Canadian Poets (Bookthug, 2004). She lives in the suburbs of Vancouver where she is the writer in residence for the communities of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows BC, an apprentice bookmaker at Barbarian Press, and the poetry editor for Event magazine.

  • Lance Blomgren

    Lance Blomgren is the author of Practice (1995), Walkups (2000) and Corner Pieces (2005). He is member of the Orange/Brown arts collective and currently acts as Co-Director/Curator of the Helen Pitt Gallery in Vancouver.

  • Diana George

    Diana George is a Seattle fiction writer and a founding member of the Seattle Research Institute. Her writing has appeared in Nest Magazine, Arcade: A Journal of Architecture and Design, 3rd Bed, Post Road and Chicago Review. She is the editor, with Charles Mudede, of Politics Without the State, a collection of essays about joy and terror in the global corporate order.

  • Jacob Gleeson

    Jacob Gleeson is a Vancouver based interdisciplinary artist and co-owner of St. George Marsh, a grocery store that acts as a museum, gallery, music venue and event space.

  • Gareth Moore

    Gareth Moore currently resides in Vancouver and is co-owner of St. George Marsh, a small store. He previously attempted to gut and renovate a small trailer with the intention of calling it home. He studied at both the Emily Carr Institute and the Ontario College of Art and Design.

  • Matthew Stadler

    Matthew Stadler is Portland, Oregon writer, editor and co-founder of Clear Cut Press, an independent literary publishing company and distributor. The first books editor, in 1996, for the Seattle weekly The Stranger, he served as the literary editor for the interior-design quarterly Nest from 1998 to 2004. Stadler is the author of four novels, including Allan Stein (Grove 1999), and the winner of the Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Foundation Award. In 1995 he received a Whiting Writers’ Award for his fiction. His art criticism and fiction have appeared in Artforum, Frieze, Domus, Volume and in the catalogue Baja to Vancouver: the West Coast and Contemporary Art.

Talks & Events

Speakeasy: Serial Space

December 1–December 2, 2005

Thursday, December 1, 8pm

Jacob Gleeson (Vancouver)

Gareth Moore (Vancouver)

Matthew Stadler (Portland)

Friday December 2, 8pm

Elizabeth Bachinsky (Vancouver)

Diana George (Seattle)

Charles Mudede (Seattle)

Recently, west coast writers, artists and architects have been thinking about how basic notions of space could be redefined. In a 2002 Artspeak publication, Diana George and Charles Mudede approached serial space, an endless repetition of particular spaces that appear throughout our conventions of “urban” or “nature.” Serial space proposes a shift in the way we think about space, away from conventional dichotomies such as city/country, urban/suburban. How can notions of space be redefined along the lines of serialized space – endlessly repeating spaces – rather than by spatial dichotomies? How does space form critical discourse and what are the implications of those formations, if any? Artspeak’s Speakeasy series of talks and readings encourage writers and artists to continue this thinking.

Postscript 17: Lance Blomgren on Serial Space